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How To Access Each Episode:

1) Mark your calendar for next Thursday, where we’ll show the first of 12 episodes in this landmark video event with our compliments. I'll email you the link early that morning to access the pilot episode of Regain Your Brain – there's nothing to sign up for… just mark your calendar and watch your inbox.

2) Each day, you'll receive a daily access link to each episode during the course of the event. Each episode is available for 24 hours, after which the next episode will be hosted on our website.

3) Below is the broadcast schedule – I recommend you print this out and post it somewhere in your home or office for reference.

It’s going to be an exciting 12 days full of life-changing breakthroughs, incredible stories of hope and success, and proven brain health strategies that you can start using immediately.

I can’t wait to see you then. I’ll be hosting Saturday's premiere episode with Peggy Sarlin!

Kindest regards,

Lee Euler, Producer & Publisher
Awakening from Alzheimer's: Regain Your Brain


Day 1

Getting Started: The Master Plan to Reverse Memory Loss & Regain Your Brain

Featuring Lee Euler & Peggy Sarlin

Day 2

The “Silver Buckshot” Protocol: Identifying and Reversing the 3 Primary Forms of Dementia

Featuring Dr. Dale Bredesen

Day 3

How to Make Your Brain Better – Even When You've Been Bad to It

Featuring Dr. Daniel Amen

Day 4

“The Power of When” : Harness Your Body's Internal Clock to Get Smarter, Think Faster, and Remember More

Featuring Dr. Michael Breus 

Day 5

Your Toxic Brain: How to Test For and Treat the Metals, Molds, and Toxins Erasing Your Memory

Featuring Dr. Mary Kay Ross

Day 6

What You Must Know About Memory Loss, and How to Stop It

Featuring Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith

Day 7

The Ketogenic Superfood that Reverses Memory Loss, Tames Blood Sugar, and Slashes Inflammation

Featuring Dr. Mary Newport

Day 8

Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Overstressed: Preserving the Body & Mind of the Caregiver

Featuring Dr. Joseph Maroon

Day 9

Repair & Reverse Degenerative Brain Disease Through Neuroplasticity

Featuring Dr. Norman Doidge

Day 10

Tune Up Your Brain to Think and Feel Better: The SHINE Protocol for Memory

Featuring Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Real Life Recovery: Meet 3 People Who Regained Their Brain Through Functional Protocols

Featuring Dr. Shari Caplan

Day 11

A Second Chance for a Better Brain

Featuring Dr. David Perlmutter

Day 12

The Immortal Brain: New Frontiers in Genetic Expression

Featuring Dr. Michael Fossel

Need More Answers? Check Out Our FAQ For All The Details

Regain Your Brain is an Special Event starting next Thursday. Each day, a new segment will be posted for viewing for 24 hours. You’ll be sent a personal link via email to access each of the episodes right here on this website. Each episode is available all throughout the day on the day of its broadcast, and new episodes are updated every day around 9 AM Eastern US time. No matter what time zone you are in, you will have a full 24 hours to view each episode.

Most episodes are about an hour long, and feature host Peggy Sarlin interviewing one of the world’s leading experts in brain health, neuroscience, and memory.

Every episode is an individual interview, and stands alone as its own segment. You can watch as many as you like, but they will only be accessible for 24 hours each, after which the segment will be replaced with the next day’s episode. Due to overwhelming requests we will also be planning a free replay weekend following the close of the event.

We are working on several affordable options to make this information accessible for everyone, as well as extending a special event-only discount for registered attendees! We are still working out final details, but – as with our previous season of Awakening from Alzheimer's – we are going the extra mile to add supplemental material that supports the valuable content in the video series.